Ryanair cancels thousands of flights due to pilot shortage

Struggling with a shortage of pilots, Irish low-cost airline Ryanair says it plans to cancel thousands more flights until March next year. Hundreds of thousands of travelers are set to be affected. http://ift.tt/2hzoxOL #3Novices #News #OnlineMedia #Businessn3Novices Europe



Does Ryanair have a pilot shortage?

Could recruitment issues explain why the airline will be cancelling so many flights in the coming weeks? http://ift.tt/2ybo9sS #3Novices #News #OnlineMedia 3Novices Europe


Weather forecast in Dublin 14/09/2017

Today in Dublin +14 C, Broken cloud sky, Precipitation: 0.61 mm, Wind 8.1m/s


Weather forecast in Cork 14/09/2017

Today in Cork +14 C, Broken cloud sky, Precipitation: 0.6 mm, Wind 6.2m/s


Weather forecast in Cork 10/09/2017

Today in Cork +14 C, Cloudy sky, Precipitation: 2.72 mm, Wind 8.7m/s


Weather forecast in Dublin 10/09/2017

Today in Dublin +15 C, Broken cloud sky, Precipitation: 2.29 mm, Wind 9.4m/s


Leinster 37-9 Cardiff Blues: Welsh region blown away in final quarter blitz

Danny Wilson’s men made a game of it for an hour before Leinster scored a flurry of tries towards the end via Wales http://ift.tt/2jbZstG