“Successful people never worry about what others are doing”

Never worry about your competitors they don’t think like you….  Introbiz.co.uk http://passionateaboutnetworking.com/2017/05/29/successful-people-never-worry-about-what-others-are-doing/



5 Top Tips why Networking is so Important for Startup Businesses.                             #IntrobizNetworkingTip

Hi Everyone, Why Networking is So Important for Startups Businesses. Networking is an essential part of business. Unless you work hard at building relationships with customers and your fellow business professionals, it will be difficult to grow a sustainable business. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs don’t understand the importance of business networking. They assume that their brilliant […]


Cloud Computing is Improving Business Communications

Here’s how Cloud Computing is Improving Business Communications: A photographer in the stadium watching a big game. A journalist at home watching the game on the TV and live streaming the action, commenting on it, and sharing social media views. The webmaster for the site they both work for in the office, keeping the front page […]