Irish National Stud‏ @IrishNatStud After all the rain comes 🌈

Irish National Stud‏ @IrishNatStud 24m24 minutes ago   After all the rain comes #kildare #somewhereovertherainbow


Oíche mhaith agaibh. Goodnight from Stair na hÉireann.

A big tree attracts the gale. Blackwood, Co Kildare, Brian Cribbon Photography

Today in Irish History – 22 September:

1601 – Battle of Kinsale. 1626 – Charles I offers twenty-six concessions (“graces”) to the Irish in return for subsidies to expand his army. 1798 – Colonel Trench marches from Castlebar and takes Ballina. 1821 – Patrick Moore, Confederate General, is born in Galway. 1864 – Col. James Mulligan, who commanded “Mulligan’s Irish Brigade,” dies […]